Black Road Kickstarter Campaign

Joma Films is producing a new film this year and I’m excitedly on board as Production Designer! This is a neo-film noir/sci-fi thriller that takes place in 2049. I’ve already begun working with Anne and Gary Lundgren, Patrick Neary and others for pre-production on concept design, props, color palette and more! There’s a lot of work and prep to do beforehand and we’re still trying to raise funding so we can go full tilt later this summer.

There will be posts on Kickstarter, the Black Road Facebook page showing artwork and much, much more. Time allotting I’ll try to put up some artwork and behind the scenes stuff here as well!

Check out the video, and if you’d like to participate with us in the making of the film, you can pre-order a DVD or choose from other cool rewards. Doing so in the first 24-48 hours helps the campaign gain a lot of momentum (and you also get your name listed near the beginning of the “road stripe scroll” on our supporter website:

We’re very excited about this film and the chance to participate with you in its creation!

Thanks for all of your support!

Redwood Highway Movie Poster

The Redwood Highway movie poster is complete!

Redwood Highway Movie PosterI just finished and received approval for the Redwood Highway Movie poster. It is now ready for display at the premier for the Ashland Independent Film Festival! It’s a full one sheet and seeing it printed at this size is pretty spectacular. 5×7 post cards are also being printed for promotional hand-outs so if you’re at the premier, keep an eye out – there might be some available.

Special thanks to Lisa Byrne for photography and helping me capture epic images of the redwoods. Also, a shout out to Gary Lundgren, James Twyman, Patrick Neary, Gary Kout and Anne Lundgren for their keen eye and constructive help with the poster design.

Thanks to Stefan Weber, Creative Director at Lanphier for providing press-proofs and also thanks to the crew over at Ashland API for providing the quick turn around and quality printing of the final posters.

Redwood Highway Movie Trailer & Premier

The trailer for the Redwood Highway movie was just released and the film will premier at the Ashland Independent Film festival this April!  Working behind the camera was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to see the magical transformation from on set to on screen. Redwood Highway starring Shirley Knight, Tom Skerritt, James LeGros and Zena Grey.