Redwood Highway Movie Poster

The Redwood Highway movie poster is complete!

Redwood Highway Movie PosterI just finished and received approval for the Redwood Highway Movie poster. It is now ready for display at the premier for the Ashland Independent Film Festival! It’s a full one sheet and seeing it printed at this size is pretty spectacular. 5×7 post cards are also being printed for promotional hand-outs so if you’re at the premier, keep an eye out – there might be some available.

Special thanks to Lisa Byrne for photography and helping me capture epic images of the redwoods. Also, a shout out to Gary Lundgren, James Twyman, Patrick Neary, Gary Kout and Anne Lundgren for their keen eye and constructive help with the poster design.

Thanks to Stefan Weber, Creative Director at Lanphier for providing press-proofs and also thanks to the crew over at Ashland API for providing the quick turn around and quality printing of the final posters.